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How To Instantly Captivate Your Audience And Connect Them To Your Presentation


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How To Instantly Captivate Your Audience And Connect Them To Your Presentation

Have you noticed how the best speakers instantly connect with their audience and grab their attention from the moment they step on stage and open their mouth?
Do you want to discover how to get your clients or audience to say “Yes” to your presentation even before you tell them who you are and what you do?
Do you want to learn how to develop a charismatic opening to your presentation that will have your clients or audience engaged and excitedly anticipating your message, product or service?
If you said “YES” to any of these questions, then RSVP NOW to save your seat!
Join us to understand how to instantly captivate your audience to effectively connect with them throughout your entire presentation.
• Learn two game-changing techniques to instantly connect and get your audience’s attention every single time you step on stage, regardless of who you are speaking to or what topic you are speaking on.
• Discover a way to get your audience to say “Yes” to you during your presentation by using a simple and effective method that was taught to many top sales people, resulting in high sales conversions.
• Develop a skill to be highly charismatic when presenting on stage or one-on-one so you can wow your audience to anxiously anticipate your message, product or service.

Greg Williamson and Karyn Boutarasy are certified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coaches and Practitioners as well as a sought after Business, Success and Speaker Coaches. They coach entrepreneurs to craft their Millionaire Speaker DNA Presentation, have an authentic stage presence and develop their Irresistible Offer. Their clients routinely report tremendous breakthroughs and now are leading amazing successful lives, professionally and personally.

They are faculty member of Success Academy and Master Trainers of Speaker Revolution 2-Day Speaker Breakthrough course. Together they help entrepreneurs and speakers hone their speaking skills by showing them how to step into their greatness, speak about their powerful message, product or service so that it can impact a bigger audience, stand out in the sea of competition and get paid doing what they love while serving the community. Their clients come from various business fields ranging from motivational speakers to real estate and insurance agents to business coaches

Greg and Karyn have been recognized leaders within District 12 Toastmasters, have trained incoming club Presidents at Toastmasters Leadership Institute and has spoken at many leadership events. They were also Club Coaches, helping a club achieve its goals. Besides Toastmasters, they have spoken on many stages training entrepreneurs and speakers on topics ranging from exhibitor lead generation to business strategies and skills to creating an authentic presence from stage. Greg shared a stage with New Thought Leader, author and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center's Dr. Michael Beckwith while Karyn inspired high school students and women about entrepreneurship and both shared the stage with original shark of "Shark Tank", Kevin Harrington.

320 north E st. suite #100
San Bernardino CA 92407
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The event is FREE, but a suggested donation of $5 will go to the Headquarters Foundation & if you donate $10 you will recieve a free HQ tee shirt!