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Angela Valles Fundraiser


16743 Menahka Rd, Apple Valley, CA 92307-1497, United States
Angela Valles is a friend of labor and will continue the fight for the middle class!

Attention: Residences/friends of residences
of the First District cities listed below

Adelanto, California, Amboy, California, Apple Valley, Argus, California Bagdad, California Baker, California, Baldy Mesa, California, Big River, California, Cadiz, California, Calico Goast Town, Cima, California, Daggett, California, Deer Park Lodge, Earp, California, Edwards Air Force Base, California, El Mirage, California, Essex, California, Fenner, California, Fort Irwin, California, Goffs, California, Lake Havasu, Helendale, California, Hesperia, California, Hinkley, California, Homer, California, Ivanpah, California, Kelso, California, Kramer, California, Lenwood, California, Ludlow, California, Milligan, California, Mt. Pass, Needles, California, Newberry Springs, California, Nipton, California, Oak Hills, California, Oro Grande, California, Parker Dam, California, Phelan, California, Piñon Hills, Randsburg, California, Red Mountain, California, Rice, Saltus, California, Searchlight Junction, Silver Lakes California, Spring Valley Lake, California, Summit Valley, Trona, California, Victorville, California, Vidal, California, West Cajon Valley, Wheaton Springs, California, Wrightwood, California, Yermo, California